Official Name:
Christian Liberty Party (formerly American Heritage Party and Washington Taxpayers Party)
William C. Goodloe (1992) and Dan Eby (2000)
Founding date:
Christian Liberty Party (2010), Washington Taxpayers Party (1998), American Heritage Party (1992)
Party Ideology:
The ultra-conservative party’s ideology is based on the tenets of Christianity. It seeks to frame national political debates, and thereafter, the governing of the nation, under the principles of Christianity and the words of the Bible.
Party History:
The organization began life as an affiliate of the Constitution Party (then known as the Taxpayers’ Party) in 1992, before changing its name to Washington Taxpayers Party in 1998.

In 2000, ideological differences split the party into two, leading to the creation of a new Constitution Party of Washington and the expulsion of the Washington Taxpayers Party from the Constitution Party.

In 2010, the party changed its name to the Christian Liberty Party.
Party address:
Christian Liberty Party
17507 64th Ave W
Lynnwood, WA 98037

Party logo:
A red and grey text of “The Christian Liberty Party” on a white background.
Party chairperson:
Paul McClintock
Prominent figures:
William C. Goodloe (January 14, 1985 – July 17, 1988): The party’s founder was a former Chief Justice of the Washington Supreme Court. He left the Republican Party to form the American Heritage Party in 1992.


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