Official Name:
Citizens Party of the United States (formerly New American Independent Party)
Michael Thompson
Founding date:
November 2, 2004
Party Ideology:
The Citizens Party, which argues for the immediate reform of the national electoral system, advocates national infrastructure reinvestment, protectionist economic policies, a less expansive foreign policy and stricter enforcement of immigration laws. It also supports same sex marriages and marijuana decriminalization.
Party History:
The New American Independent Party was founded in 2004 to serve as a channel for moderate and pragmatic Americans, although its platform veers sharply to both the left and right in equal measure on several issues, most notably on the taxation, immigration, LGBT rights and marijuana decriminalization.

In 2011, the party changed its name to the Citizens Party of the United States.
Party address:
Party logo:
The text of the party’s name fused with the Stars and Stripes, on a dark background framed by a single-line divider (top and bottom).
Party chairperson:
Michael Thompson
Prominent figures:


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