Official Name:
Modern Whig Party
Mike Lebowitz
Founding date:
Party Ideology:
The centrist party leans to the right on fiscal issues and to the left on social ones. It seeks to build itself into a viable third party alternative, and rejects attempts to label its political ideology.
Party History:
The party is viewed by its founders as the ideological descendant of the original Whig Party of the 19th century, with a twist. Brought into being in the Middle East by active members of the American armed forces disillusioned with hegemony and ideology of the big two, the Modern Whig Party immediately became a hit among servicemen, drawing reportedly 25,000 of them into the party fold within a year of its founding.

In 2010, the D.C.-based Whigs merged with the 16,000-strong American Centrist Party.
Party address:
The Modern Whig Party
2020 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Suite 616
Washington, DC 20006
Party logo:
A red and blue owl divided by a white band, with four small white stars placed right above it.
Party chairperson:
Andrew Evans
Prominent figures:


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